Monday, September 11, 2006

still fat in sept

Well last time didn't go v.well did it. But here we are in Sept and I'm trying again. This time I was brave enough to actually weigh myself and i'm (when i started) a shocking 14st 12lbs. Oh dear. Oh dear. The beer, or rather the cider was the first thing to go. What persuaded me to start again ?
my Kids obviously. and just to show you how shallow i, because there was an article in Men's Health about how some media types (james brown, adrian chiles) had got fitt(er) in 8 weeks. I was most excited by James Brown extolling the virtues of eating anchovies on oat cakes for a snack of an evening. Ha! a shopping/food opportunity.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Day Four: Sunday January 8th

Walking: Hardly any walking today either. Well it rained and was cold is my excuse.
The Squat: Did 60 squats again. Its supposedly toning me up. Some alarming aches in my upper leg have emerged.
Drinking Water: Do i have to, like, keep drinking all this water, forever ??
Food and Drink: I've realised this list looks a lot longer than the ones in the papers...Some kippers (oh yes!) and a fairly big homemade mango and ginger smoothie for breakfast, reconstituted minestrone soup from night before for lunch; roast chicken, potatoes, gravy, broccoli and peas for supper, had 1 latte in am and 1 (large) bottle of beer in evening. 2 slices of homemade gingerbread cake, a few of my son's crisps and an apple.

No cheese today!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Day Three: Saturdy January 7th

Walking: Didn't do much today. (you only have to do this 3 times a week!) Walked around Sainsburys pushing a lot of apple juice cartons.
The Squat: Tried the Squat out. Don't know if I did it right but did the 60 fairly easily. Felt a little euphoric at the end. Blimey.
Drinking Water: Yep drowned myself in water all day. Over 2 litres. Lots of trips to the loo today.
Food and Drink: Porridge, fairly big mango smoothie for breakfast, salad, tuna and bean thing, a couple of homemade chips for lunch, homemade minestrone soup for supper (with grated chese and bread), twiglets and cheese snack watching tv. 2 lattes and 2 (large) glasses of red wine.

I still feel a bit fat, but its going ok. presumably too much cheese.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day Two: Friday January 6th

Walking: Up to station and back again in the night. Bloody cold today. Little out of breath on the hill bits. Tempted to get a taxi in the evening but queue too long so forced myself to walk back.
The Squat: yet again couldn't find the time/inclination to do this.
Drinking Water: Forced myself to do this. More trips to the loo but easier than i thought. 2 litres really isn't that much.
Food and Drink: Apple for breakfast, fish and chips for lunch, 1 bag of crisps snack, 1 cheese roll snack, baked potato, cheese and salad for supper. Cider on train. Wine with dinner. 1 strawberry and banana smoothie. 2 (big) lattes.

How do i feel ? the same. i think.

Day One: Thursday Jan 5th

Walking: To station from house in morning. To house from Brighton station
Drinking Water: Over 2 litres
Tone Up Exercise: Meant to but didn't get round to it.

You're supposed to do 20 minutes of walking, cycling or swimming. I chose walking to Brighton station but its a little bit less than 20 minutes. That said I did it twice. Will that count ? I started drinking a lot of water too. Lots of trips to the loo.

unfit jem

I'm out of shape and in 7 months time I'm 40. Oh dear. So I've signed up to this.
One of the commitments is "start a training diary" asking me to record a whole bunch of stuff that I'm not really sure how I'm going to do. "your resting heart rate" ?.