Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day Two: Friday January 6th

Walking: Up to station and back again in the night. Bloody cold today. Little out of breath on the hill bits. Tempted to get a taxi in the evening but queue too long so forced myself to walk back.
The Squat: yet again couldn't find the time/inclination to do this.
Drinking Water: Forced myself to do this. More trips to the loo but easier than i thought. 2 litres really isn't that much.
Food and Drink: Apple for breakfast, fish and chips for lunch, 1 bag of crisps snack, 1 cheese roll snack, baked potato, cheese and salad for supper. Cider on train. Wine with dinner. 1 strawberry and banana smoothie. 2 (big) lattes.

How do i feel ? the same. i think.


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