Sunday, January 08, 2006

Day Three: Saturdy January 7th

Walking: Didn't do much today. (you only have to do this 3 times a week!) Walked around Sainsburys pushing a lot of apple juice cartons.
The Squat: Tried the Squat out. Don't know if I did it right but did the 60 fairly easily. Felt a little euphoric at the end. Blimey.
Drinking Water: Yep drowned myself in water all day. Over 2 litres. Lots of trips to the loo today.
Food and Drink: Porridge, fairly big mango smoothie for breakfast, salad, tuna and bean thing, a couple of homemade chips for lunch, homemade minestrone soup for supper (with grated chese and bread), twiglets and cheese snack watching tv. 2 lattes and 2 (large) glasses of red wine.

I still feel a bit fat, but its going ok. presumably too much cheese.


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