Monday, January 09, 2006

Day Four: Sunday January 8th

Walking: Hardly any walking today either. Well it rained and was cold is my excuse.
The Squat: Did 60 squats again. Its supposedly toning me up. Some alarming aches in my upper leg have emerged.
Drinking Water: Do i have to, like, keep drinking all this water, forever ??
Food and Drink: I've realised this list looks a lot longer than the ones in the papers...Some kippers (oh yes!) and a fairly big homemade mango and ginger smoothie for breakfast, reconstituted minestrone soup from night before for lunch; roast chicken, potatoes, gravy, broccoli and peas for supper, had 1 latte in am and 1 (large) bottle of beer in evening. 2 slices of homemade gingerbread cake, a few of my son's crisps and an apple.

No cheese today!


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